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ThinkstockSeven nail polish shortcutsFed by a constant update Instragram and Pinterest photos, nail polish has become an obsession. (Let’s not even get started on E!’s red carpet ‘Mani Cam’!) But that doesn’t mean trendy nail looks... ThinkstockFresh from the farmIt might not be the most glamorous place to get beauty inspiration, but the old-fashioned farm is the key to several skincare advances. Here’s our guide to bucolic beauty products and their key... Dr Libby WeaverDr Libby Weaver's health and beauty tipsThe popular women’s wellbeing expert has just released her new book, Beauty From The Inside Out, so we asked her some of her secrets for looking and feeling good. Jennifer Lopez / GettyTextured nailsNow that manicures routinely look eye-popping, there’s only one way to go to get the wow factor – into the third dimension. Three hot new “gadget facials”The relaxing bliss of a facial combined with the high-tech skin science of a gadget? Sounds like a winning combination to us. Here are three new ones we highly recommend. ThinkstockThe revolutionary new treatment for sweatingWe’ve all heard about the Hollywood secret for combining a tight silk dress (in a pale colour) with an adrenalin-inducing event such as the Oscars – Botox under the armpits.
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Remington Stylis 3200 PRO DryerSalon worthy hair with Remington Stylis 3200 PRO DryerNever underestimate the power of a good hairdryer because it has the potential to make everyday a 'good hair day' – imagine the possibilities, the world would be your oyster!
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Celebrity scentsWe've taken a look back at the history of the celebrity scent. Palette perfectionThe product that houses everything you need to look your best. Game of BeautiesCheck out what these ladies look like without their medieval costumes. Decode your hairDiscover what your natural hair colour reveals about your wellbeing.
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Taylor Swift / GettyHow to wear red lipstickSteal your favourite celebs red carpet style, whether it’s classic look or more seductive style - red lips will always steal the show! ThinkstockHow to master the art of bronzer

It's summer - and you know what that means: holidays and a summer tan. But that you're back in the office, your holiday tan is fading fast.

Before you retreat back into the... The Art Deco Magnum Box.How to customise your compactIsn’t it always the way that your favourite eyeshadow compact has a few shades worn to the very core, while other sit forlorn and unused? Eyelash curling – Nine tips and techniquesEyelash curling – Nine tips and techniquesFar from being an unnecessary beauty step, lash curling is a simple and effective way to open your eyes up and make them look defined and flirty. ThinkstockTime to spring clean your beauty lookMAC senior make-up artist Amber D says the no make-up look or at least a minimal one is key for this time of year. How to get the right make-up style for your ageAs many of us can attest, applying make-up can be a double edge sword - apply it well and it can make you look fresh and feel confident, but paint it on incorrectly and you can look like you've...

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Tips and tricks from NZ winning stylist2014 Supreme Award Winner, Rebecca Brent, from Willis York salon in Wellington.Tips and tricks from NZ winning stylistWe spoke to the L'Oreal Colour Trophy 2014 Supreme Award Winner, Rebecca Brent, from Willis York salon in Wellington about the key hair looks this season. Here she shares the cut and colour...
Reader roadtestsCheck out what Beauty Clique fans think of the latest products to hit the shelvesBeauty Clique fans review and rate the latest skincare and cosmetics New on counterNew on counterCheck out the latest beauty products to hit the shelves