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Bar Refaeli reveals her beauty secrets

02:00 Tue Jun 19 2012
YBS staff
Bar Refaeli reveals her beauty secrets
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Dubbed the "Hottest Woman Alive" by Maxim magazine, Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli is our hot new beauty crush. With her glowing skin, (unfairly) toned bod and down-to-earth cool chick vibe — it's not hard to see why.

In a recent issue of Elle magazine, the 26-year-old revealed that while she's all about natural beauty, her stunning looks aren't created without careful preparation. Thank you, beauty gods!

Don't obsess over food
While she likes to eat healthy, Bar believes that "eating right means not being obsessed over food". If she's craving it, she'll have it, "just not every day".

Keep active
"I like to keep active," Bar says. "I surf and I paddle board. My main workout is TRX which is a unique type of workout which really tones your body. I can't do the yoga stuff ... it's a little boring for me." We're with you on that! And when she's travelling, Bar likes to "walk around the whole city". Sightseeing as exercise? Yes, please!

Drink lots of water
Ah, the golden question ... what's the best beauty tip she's ever received? "Different make-up artists like different products that they recommend," she says. "But at the end of the day, the best tip is to drink a lot of water and rest. Oh, and don't go out drinking the night before a shoot!"

Keep your make-up minimal
Despite being a red carpet regular, Bar has a refreshingly normal approach to her beauty prep. "I'm pretty easy with hair and make-up," Bar admits. "I don't like my hair too done and I prefer natural make-up. When your skin looks radiant and glows and you combine it with a good smile, you can't go wrong."

Stay hydrated
So how does Bar get that gleaming skin on the red carpet? "I use whatever body lotion the make-up artist has," she reveals. "No secrets there."

Adopt a signature scent
"My favourite perfume is Especially Escada because the smell puts a smile on my face — it's so gentle and delicate but very elegant," she tells the magazine. "It smells clean and feminine. I don't have one for day and one for night. I like when people have a signature smell. I put it on my wrist, neck and spritz on my clothes from far away."

There you have it, dear beauties. Isn't it good to know that even the world's super bodies have to put a little effort into looking fabulous?

User comments
Well helllllllooo bordom... Tell me is there any secrets revealled in this Bars routine we already as females don't know about ?

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