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How to get gorgeous legs in seconds

02:00 Wed Aug 1 2012
Leni Andronicos
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This season's mid-length hems (we're looking at you, dreamy Prada shift) call toned legs. Read on for our expert tips to gorgeous legs — stat!

Use a self-tanner
Let's be honest. Legs look better when they're tanned. Start by priming the top layer of skin with a cream exfoliant (avoid seed-based products as these can scratch and damage your skin). Next, apply moisturiser sparingly to any dry areas like knees and elbows. Follow with the tanning lotion (we love ModelCo Tan Mousse, $19.95), blending in circular motions. Once the tan dries, set it with a moisturiser. This will help the colour last longer.

Slim down with shimmer
Believe it or not, beauties, applying highlighter along your shin bones and up the centre of your thighs makes legs look thinner. Our fave? St. Tropez Skin Illuminator Cream, $25.

Instant bronzer
Last minute date invite have you fretting over those pasty legs? Use a fast-drying body bronzer. Designed for a quick, mess-free application, smooth evenly over your skin until desired level of bronze is achieved. We love SugarBaby Bronze Radiance Cream, $19.95.

Cosmetic airbrush
Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation — no makeup artist's beauty bag is without it! Spritz it on the legs to conceal discolorations like purple veins or bruises. A heavy-duty coverage while still feeling lightweight — a miracle product, honest!

The cult cream
Adonia LegTone Serum — the hottest new cream on the body block. This super product works in just nine minutes to tighten up the legs and, over time, will rejuvenate skin cells to reveal firmer, smoother pins.

Cellulite control
Clarins really know how to make bodies beautiful. The High Definition Body Lift is an updated version of their classic cellulite cream and works wonders on any legs that suffer from dullness or heaviness. It's like Spanx in a bottle!

Body brushing
If body brushing isn't already included in your daily routine (gasp!), get into the habit of doing it every morning. Brushing your skin will boost circulation and help to flush out any toxins (a culprit for cellulite). Follow with a high-powered slimming cream to get the most out of your treatment.

User comments
Its funny how majority of these beauty posts assume the readers are pale skinned. New Zealand is a multi cultural society. Would be nice to cater to more than one group

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