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Magnetic manicures

02:00 Wed Aug 15 2012
Melissa Williams-King
Orly Magnetic FX
Orly Magnetic FX

Watch out crackled polish - magnetic manicures are here and poised to take over as the new big thing in nails.

This new breed of special effects polish is the latest way to create a unique look on your nails. It works thanks to tiny metal particles, a bit like those you may have used in school science projects about magnets. The minuscule metal pieces are blended into the nail polish (which is why most magnetic polishes come in metallic and glittery colours, disguising the secret ingredient).

After applying and drying an initial coat, you apply a second coat (thicker works better), and then hold a magnet over your nail, which pulls the polish into a pattern. Most brands include a magnet in the lid of the bottle, and it’s the shape of this magnet that determines the various ripples, swirls and ridges that result on your nail. After you have created the futuristic-looking effect, simply let the polish dry.

Some of the magnetic polishes we’ve seen on New Zealand shelves include Layla Magneffect (from, Color Club Magnetic Force and Orly Magnetic FX. But watch this space as more options enter the market.

User comments
I have used magnetic polishes and I think they are a bit tricky to get it looking good. I found that the magnet needed to be held very close to the nail with polish on it. This was a problem as it was easy to touch the wet polish leaving a mark.

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