Retouched Demi Moore ad criticised

03:00 Wed Mar 21 2012
Leni Andronicos, MSN NZ
Demi appears quite different in the ad, left, when compared to a recent photograph.
Demi appears quite different in the ad, left, when compared to a recent photograph.

Actress Demi Moore's new ad campaign for Helena Rubenstein cosmetics is getting a lot of attention thanks to an overzealous airbrushing session.

The campaign images of the 49-year-old star bear almost no resemblance to her real face, with its natural skin tone, signs of ageing, lines and angular contours entirely erased.

"The skin tone has been heavily airbrushed, with quite a thick application of the brush," Life & Style picture editor Craig Gunn told the UK's Daily Mail. "Doing this gets rid of all pit marks, pores, moles, blemishes and fine hairs on the face to create a smoother look.

"She looks quite unlike her usual self. It's a slightly alien effect. When you start taking away people's skin tones and smoothing out their features, they look like mannequins. You're removing the human elements of the face."

Having notched up a marriage breakdown, drug-related collapse and rehab stint over the past few months, it's only natural that she has been looking less than her best — but do you think Demi's latest brush with Photoshop is a step too far? Have your say below.

User comments
The issue here dor all the people who missed it is that women-lady's-girls look at this and there confidence levels drop. Because they don't look like this and then run out and spend $10,000 plus on surgery and makeup. Watch show's like "I hate my face" "Snog, Marry, Avoid?" and so on, these show's show what this marketing does. Which is destroy people's confidence, make them hate the way they look, Not be able to go out without makeup and hair dye and lead to suicide in extreme cases.
*YAWN* .... who cares ?
If Helena Rubenstein feel it necessary to airbrush their models to make them look considerably younger does that not say that perhaps the company just needs a younger model?
If shown the ad and asked to name the person.... I wouldn't have recognised the person as Demi...
Who really cares? everyone knows that she doesn't look like this. do you really think that if makeup companies show people's 'real skin', that they'll buy the product? no one is perfect, no one looks like a doll, everyone has imperfections. we all know this. get over it and enjoy the ad. In my opinion though, the 'natural' look is actually disgusting. i prefer people wearing makeup. But that's my opinion.
I don't understand why you are having a go at Demi - she does not airbrush, the company does. It's standard procedure in the entertainment industry. Picture looks nohting like her, however.
The air brushed face looks nothing like Demi. Furthermore, she is a beautiful person as she is and within. The issue is the brushed faced photo is to please a small percentage of the world population and that is generally rich, European men because they control the capital of the world. For as long as the beauty industry is controlled through this small elite the world will continue to see brushed faced pictures of older women looking young . Western culture does not value growing old gracefully and wisdom, and underestimate the value of the older women. This is how the beauty industry makes money. The beauty industry is not a positive role model for young women. I am a believer in enhancing your natural beauty. However, for as long as women continue to change their bodies and faces cosmetically to please men you are being influenced and manipulated by these publishing moguls. Power to business women in the beauty industry who empower women to utilize what they were born with.
I think Demi looks great and nothing like an alien. She is a beautiful woman. If it makes her feel good, then go for it Demi.
I think shes a remarkable woman, with all the dramas shes going through why not. I think she deserves a new look, she suits it and she looks beautiful than ever. Cheers.
Even the eye shade is different. Helena Rubenstein should be ashamed of themselves or get a person who actually looks like that. Who buys HR product anyway???

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