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Celebrity trend: the topknot

02:00 Wed Mar 14 2012
Melissa Williams King, MSN NZ Beauty Editor
Image: Getty
Image: Getty

There's lots to love about the suddenly trendy topknot hairdo, as seen recently on stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek and Nicole Ritchie.

Says Toni Hawkes, Joico NZ Education Manager, "It's a simple but elegant look, and easy to achieve. It draws attention to the face by creating stronger definition in the cheek area, which woman love." As well as being flattering on the face, the topknot can be customized to suit the desired effect. "It can be It can be a soft look as well as a strong look depending on how high and tightly it is created," says Toni.

Here is Toni's guide to creating the perfect topknot:

Step 1 To create a great topknot, it's best to add a texture product (such as Joico Design Collection Texture Spray) to help the hair stay in place.

Step 2 If you have fine hair, lightly backcomb the hair to add extra texture. An easy way to do yourself is to put your head down and brush the hair high into the crown area. Twist the hair into a topknot before securing down with bobby pins, or use a hair tie if required for added support. Lightly spray the hair with hairspray – I'd use Joico Design Collection Flexible Shaping Spray.

Step 3 To make this look softer, pull pieces out around the sides and spray lightly with the a flexible hairspray such as Joico Flexible Shaping Spray. For a more dramatic and stronger finish, smooth the hair into the topknot and use a non-aerosol spray to set, such as Joico JoiFix Firm.

Make sure it is kept simple - don’t add any hair accessories as the texture is enough of an accessory itself.

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