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Celebrity trend: "halo" extensions

02:00 Sun Apr 29 2012
Melissa Williams King, MSN NZ Beauty Editor
Image: Thinkstock
Image: Thinkstock
Just a few years ago, it was obvious when celebrities were wearing extensions. Think back to Britney's bald patches, Paris's Hilton's visibly glued roots and Madonna's false ponytail. These days however, female celebrities seem to have sprouted luscious locks on all-new level - with not a trace of extension attachment or damage.

Hollywood's latest beauty secret is "halo" style extensions, which are much harder to detect than the sewn-in, glued-on, or clipped-in variety. These new hair helpers rely on a simple loop of clear wire, similar to fishing line, with hair attached around the loop.

The loop is placed atop the crown of the head, then a fine-toothed comb picks out real strands from inside the "halo", which then cover up the loop and hold it in place due to their weight. Halo extensions don't need glue or clips, and are hence much better for your real hair then old-fashioned extensions. They also look more natural because they add hair all over - unlike some extensions which add hair mainly at the back, giving a mullet effect.

A-list stars love halo extensions made from real human hair that's dyed to perfectly match their locks, but you can also buy synthetic versions.

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