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Dealing with delicate hair

02:00 Wed Mar 28 2012
Melissa Williams-King
Dealing with delicate hair

Weak hair is a beauty nightmare, causing broken-off strands, thin patches and a frazzled look. What’s worse, many of the styling tricks that hide it end up causing more damage. We spoke to stylist and Kérastase commercial and education manager Nigel Luty about how to deal with it.

What causes weak hair?
Many things, including external aggressions, such as climate (Sun, wind, water, salt and chlorine), technical services (colouring, lightening and straightening), heat appliances, tools (combs and brushes), and even tight ponytails with inappropriate ties. Age is a factor - old hair that is long is vulnerable. Frequent or aggressive shampooing, brushing or handling can exacerbate weak hair.

What should you avoid if you have weak hair?
Weak hair is very sensitive, so you need to be very gentle with it. Avoid shampooing too frequently and overuse of heat appliances (I suggest turning down your irons to 180 degrees). Avoid repetitive strokes of the same section – instead pass the iron down slower over that area. Always use a heat protection product. I recommend Kérastase Ciment Thermique as it is designed to protect weak hair. Be generous with the amount of product you use. If blow drying, complete as much of the style with the hair brush and drier to achieve the look and finish (only) with the iron for minimal damage. Avoid tight ponytails that put tension on weakened strands. Clips and ties also damage the hair, so be careful when using them.

How should you care for weak hair daily?
Use a hair care collection that supports the repair of your hair, such as the new Kérastase Force Architecte - it’s formulated for extremely sensitised and weakened hair.

What about special treatments to boost weak hair?
In-salon treatments do wonders for weak hair. The newly released Kérastase Fusio-Dose Ritual is a miracle on weak hair! You can also help your hair at home by using take-home treatments. The Forceintense treatment is great for adding strength to your locks in two easy steps. Aim to use this treatment once a week for three weeks.

What hairstyles make weak hair look best?
If the hair is vulnerable, it's more desirable to have longer layers.

What about extensions or clip in hair pieces - do they do more harm than good?
This is a catch 22 situation as extensions and pieces will disguise the issue; however additional weight on the lengths could fast-track breakage. Extensions and pieces should therefore be secured to stronger, healthier sections of hair.

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