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Biggest beauty myths busted!

02:00 Wed May 9 2012
Leni Andronicos
Biggest beauty myths busted!
From plucking grey hairs to sharing make-up, beauty myths have been haunting women for years. So we decided to dig up the facts and finally set the record straight. You’re welcome!

Myth: If you pluck one grey hair, three will grow in its place.
Verdict: False
Old wives' tale alert! When you pluck a hair, it is removed from its own follicle, and only one hair can grow back within that same follicle. So instead of plucking and contributing to the unavoidable thinning process (yep, that happens too!), book an appointment with a good colourist.

Myth: Toothpaste will dry up blemishes.
Verdict: True
Toothpaste (the paste-kind, not gel!) contains bleaching and antibacterial ingredients to clean, polish and disinfect teeth. These very ingredients will also work on your skin, disinfecting pimples and drying them.

Myth: Sufferers of oily skin should wash their face more than twice a day.
Verdict: True
The best way to keep skin oil-free is by rinsing it often with cold water. This helps to firm, minimise and tone pores, which in turn reduces the amount of oil produced. Skincare experts suggest avoiding hot water as this aggravates the skin and oils.

Myth: Expensive cosmetics are more effective than supermarket brands.
Verdict: False
While they may have the glamorous (supermodel-filled) campaigns behind them, just because some brands are more expensive doesn't mean they are better products. Just a quick Google search of the product will provide you with great insider tips from make-up artists, beauty editors (ahem) and bloggers.

Myth: You should never share make-up.
Verdict: True
We've all been guilty of thinking, "Oh a quick brush won't hurt", but make-up brushes and sponges house thousands of germs. Thousands, people! They can cause everything from skin irritation to infection, so avoid sharing beauty tools and invest in new products every few months.

Myth: Wearing nail polish will turn your nails yellow.
Verdict: True
Why? Well there are a couple of reasons. Some polishes can stain your nails because of a chemical reaction between the colorant and the nail plate. It could also be that the polish's formaldehyde (one of its many ingredients), is reacting with the keratin protein in your nail, making it brittle and yellow. To protect your nails, always wear a base coat!

Myth: The best place to apply perfume is on pulse points.
Verdict: True
Your pulse points are some of the warmest spots on your body and can be found on your wrists, behind your ears, crook of your arms and your knees. Your body releases more heat at these points, making the essence of your perfume interact with your pheromones. Trust it — it's science!

Myth: Cucumber will reduce puffy eyes.
Verdict: Half true
Research has shown that cucumber actually does help reduce puffy eyes — but you'll need more than a slice, or two! Look out for gel products that contain cucumber extracts as chances are they'll have a lot more of the nutrient packed in.

Myth: Your skin needs to 'breathe'
Verdict: False
Ah, the golden rule of skincare. Or not. Wearing make-up actually protects your skin from harmful properties. Yep — you read right! When you're bare-faced, you're actually more prone to skin damage. But saying that, it's still super important to stick to a good skincare routine, including taking your make-up off at night.

— Leni Andronicos

User comments
I think that comes from the likes of the person that was painted gold in the movie GoldFinger! As far as I know, you do indeed need to leave a patch of skin uncovered when painting the entire body.
wow! i did not know all of that make up stuff. i like it because it ahs some good tips.
skin needs to breath at night this is when your skin repairs itself

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