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How to look fresh after a flight

02:00 Mon May 21 2012
Melissa Williams-King, MSN NZ Beauty Editor
International travel sounds glamorous - but it’s hard to look that way after 12 hours in a dry and stuffy cabin. (No wonder stars always wear sunglasses inside airports!) We asked frequent flier Lauren de Vries, a national trainer for Decléor and Joyce Blok skincare, for her secrets on looking fresh after a long flight

Flights can be very drying on skin. What’s your fix?
I recommend a hydrating mask for the duration of the flight to help prevent moisture loss from the skin. (My personal favourites are the Décleor Hydra Floral Flower Essence Moisturising Mask and the Joyce Blok Vitamin Cream Mask.) Another must-have item is a small spritz bottle of toner which you can use to regularly mist your face throughout the flight. (You can pick up small spray bottles from your local pharmacy, and then fill with your regular toner). Don't forget to apply a moisture rich eye cream or gel, and a nourishing lip balm. Drink plenty of fluids (but limit alcohol and coffee).

How do you freshen up before landing?
Before landing, remove the mask and splash your face with cool water or use a quick spritz of toner Follow this with an antioxidant rich serum and moisturiser to energise complexion. I don't wear make up during long-haul flights but I always dust on a light coverage of mineral foundation on landing. (I prefer something with luminous particles to brighten my complexion like MAC Mineralise Foundation.) I also never travel without a selection of bright lip glosses, and waterproof mascara to prevent panda eyes.

How do you deal with your hair when flying?
My hair can be unruly so I tend to tie it up during the flight. I always make sure that I have a leave-in conditioner that I use liberally. My favourite is Joico Hydrating Balm - it not only leaves my hair soft and silky but keeps my hair more manageable after the drying effects of flying.

Any other tips?
I think it's also really important to travel in loose, unrestrictive clothing, ideally made from a fabric that breathes, so your trip is as comfortable as possible.

Lauren’s in-flight must-haves:

  • Decléor Hydra Floral 'Flower Essence' Moisturising Mask, $82, or Joyce Blok Vitamin Cream Mask, $50
  • Decléor Tonifying Lotion, $67
  • Joyce Blok Eye Contour Gel, $41
  • Joyce Blok Lip Balm, $29
  • Decléor Hydra Floral 'Flower Nectar' Moisturising Day Cream, $113
  • Joyce Blok Serum C20, $108
  • Decléor Circulaspray Refreshing Tonic, $46 (to help avoid puffy hands and feet)
User comments
As well as everything else that Lauren de Vries recommends above, don't forget the kitchen sink. Just joking!! I'm 71 years old and fly to family in the USA at least once a year. The things I do is drink plenty of water and juice (no alcohol), try to keep my feet elevated when sitting, walk around as much as possible and do some simple exercises at the back of the cabin. I take a simple and inexpensive moisturiser ($20) which does me from top to toe and compared to all the recommended stuff, leaves me with an extra $466 to spend on my family.

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