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Celebrity trend: Bedazzled brows

02:00 Tue May 22 2012
Melissa Williams-King
Getty Images
They’ve blinged out their fingernails, shimmered their cheekbones and bedazzled their private parts - when it comes to celebrity sparkle, there isn’t much untouched territory left. Enter the “disco eyebrow”, strictly for those who love glitter and shock value in equal portions.

We first traced brow bling to the 2009 Australian Fashion Week runway show from Cassette Society Australian Fashion. Next, Kesha rocked a studded metallic brow at the 2010 Music Awards, and seems to have been the first celebrity on the bandwagon. New York-based bridal designer Angel Sanchez managed to make silver glitter eyebrows look positively ethereal earlier this year for his 2013 collection, but it was Karl Lagerfield’s show for Chanel Fall 2012 that really put the bedazzled brow on the beauty map. Model Miranda Kerr famously rocked the look, which was created by Chanel creative director Peter Phillips.

If you’re bold enough to try this at home, you can use stick-on body gems, metallic eye shadow or liner, or even spray-on temporary hair colour in a metallic hue.

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