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New ways to use hair oil

02:00 Thu Jun 21 2012
Melissa Williams-King

Hair oils have become big business ever since Moroccanoil stormed the market a few years ago. (Prior to that ‘oil’ was a dirty word when it came to hair.)

Since then tons of versions have hit the shelves, but are you getting the most from your chosen hair oil?

We spoke to Moroccanoil’s international artistic director Antonio Corral Calero for some extra tips on using this handy hair product.

Don’t save it for special occasions
Using a hair oil is like using a facial moisturiser - you need to do it daily. Antonio recommends using a little of the product every day when styling your hair in the morning. (For finer hair, try Moroccanoil Light, and for thicker, drier hair you can even apply it twice a day.)

Use it wet or dry
For first-time users, it can be less daunting to apply the product to wet hair. But once you are confident, it’s easy to apply a dab to dry hair without ever getting a greasy look.

Use it before, after and even during colour treatments
According to Antonio, the reason Moroccanoil became famous was because celebrity stylists used it while coloring their star clients’ hair - giving them hot new hues, repeatedly, without compromising the hair’s condition. He says you can use the product three ways to avoid hair damage due to colour-processing. First, use it as a treatment prior to dyeing the hair. “This evens out the hair’s porosity and makes the colour go on more smoothly,” he says.

Second you can mix the oil with the dye or bleach and apply the combination to your hair (even with at-home colour kits, Antonio insists!). Finally, a treatment with the oil is great after the colour has been achieved.

Try a pre-cleanse treatment
For extra dirty hair or scalps, you can apply a hair oil at night time as a treatment. This helps lift dirt and styling product residue from your hair, so that it easily cleans out once you shampoo in the the morning. It also gives your scalp some extra TLC.

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