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Mousse makes a comeback

02:00 Wed Aug 22 2012
Melissa Williams-King
Thinkstock Images
Mousse was big, literally, in the eighties and now the voluminous styling product is back and better than ever.

Hair colour mousses
If you’re nervous about DIY hair dye, the new crop of foam colourants might just tempt you to try it. Their puffy formulation means that the dye isn’t liable to drip, and blending the colour all over is as easy as shampooing your hair. L’Oreal, Clairol and John Frieda all have great versions of mousse hair colour on shelves now.

Hair styling mousses
In the eighties, the drawback to mousse’s volumising prowess was often crunchy curls or a hard texture on straight hair (think of those shellacked fringes). These days new formulas provide a lot more conditioning, so there’s no crispiness. Sebastian’s Whipped Creme is a cult product because of its smooth feel and the weightless definition and conditioning it offers. It’s just been reformulated so that the can dispenses just the right amount of mousse at any angle.

When to use mousse? It’s ideal to prep hair before blow-drying, helping you achieve a frizz-free, bouncy and smooth finish. It’s also ideal for lightly coating wet (curly) hair before allowing it to dry naturally. Schwarzkopf education manager Grant Withnell recently gave us this tip: “The biggest mistake people make with styling products is putting in too little foundation product, such as mousse, and too much finishing product, such as hairspray. You get a much better and more natural result but putting on more product during styling, not afterwards.” You heard the man - let’s get moussing!

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