Beautician spray tans her four-year-old

09:00 Fri Sep 2 2011
Beautician Jools Willis
Beautician Jools Willis

An English beautician has admitted to spray-tanning her four-year-old daughter in an effort to boost her confidence.

Jools Willis, who runs two beauty salons in East Sussex, told the Daily Mail she regularly treats her daughter Tate at her salon and has also applied fake tan on her six-year-old son Chayce and other daughter Darcie, who is 10.

Mrs Willis also said she had given her son Zac, 14, collagen injections to help treat spots.

She said the spray tanning of her youngest daughter was to help her feel included with her eldest, rather than for cosmetic reasons.

"Darcie is a dancer and when she does shows the tan helps her under the stage lights," Ms Willis said.

"Beauty treatments help boost a child's confidence."

Mrs Willis, who appears on the Sky television show Pushy and Proud: Pamper-Parlour Mums, said she would not tan a customer's four-year-old but has treated older children.

She said children often want to get the same thing their mothers are getting, but she would refuse treatment if she felt a child was too young.

Four-year-old Tate said she liked getting spray tans because it made her "feel good".

"I like having the same as mummy and Darcie," she said.

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