Women spend 330 days of their life putting on make-up

By MSN staff
Monday, March 7, 2011
Image: Think Stock
The average women will spend 330 days applying make-up in her lifetime, a new survey from the UK has found.

UK store Superdrug surveyed 3000 women and found that 70 percent would never leave the house "au natural", spending 20 minutes applying make-up each day — which equates to almost a year in front of the bathroom mirror over the course of an average woman's lifetime.

The poll revealed that 68 percent of women feel more confident in their full make-up and rarely let anyone see them without it.

A fifth of the women admitted that their partner had never seen them without their powder and paint — even in bed. The same number also wouldn't let their girlfriends see them without their "face" on.

Sixteen percent wouldn't even face mum and dad without a little touch up.

And a third of women also wouldn't leave the house without their full make-up kit, which included spare lip balm, eyeliner and hair brush.

A quarter of the women surveyed thought their friends, family and colleagues would be surprised at how they looked without make-up.

The survey also found that women spend more than $200 a year on make-up, updating their beauty cabinet, on average, five times a year.

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