Girl, 5, angers experts with popular makeup tutorials

12:30 Thu Jun 23 2011
Madison Hohrine is a YouTube star.
Madison Hohrine is a YouTube star.

A five-year-old US girl's hugely popular makeup tutorials have raised concerns from parenting experts who say she is too young to be promoting, let alone wearing, grown-up cosmetic products.

Madison Hohrine became an online star after her mother began filming her giving advice about how to apply make-up at their home in Hurst Texas, ABC News reports.

Mary Hohrine said Madison asked her if she could make her own videos after she was inspired by footage of other tutorials that they watched on YouTube together.

"One day she just asked me if she could record herself just to see what she would look like doing the video," Ms Horine told ABC New's Good Morning America.

Since then the little girl's tutorials — on applying products such as lipstick, blush and mascara — have attracted more than 1.2 million views. Her tutorial on make-up brushes alone has been viewed more than 700,000 times.

But critics are concerned Madison's love of beauty products is unhealthy because it sexualises young girls and may harm their self-esteem.

"Products, whether it's push-up bras for tween girls or shape-ups for girls to firm their butts, all of this sends the message that our girls aren't good enough," said New York psychologist and author Dr Logan Levkoff.

But Madison's mother says make-up is just a game for her daughter.

"It's the same thing as if she's playing dress-up," she said.

Ms Hohrine said she does not let Madison wear make-up every day.

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