Hoax tanning product fools thousands

02:00 Mon Aug 15 2011
Melissa Williams-King, MSN NZ Beauty Editor
Sunny3 website
The Sunny3 website

Thousands of die-hard tanners have been intrigued by the amazing claims of new ‘miracle’ tanning product Sunny3, but when they signed up for free samples they were in for a big surprise.

The enticing website, You Tube video and Twitter campaign, designed to attract young ‘tanorexics’, was masterminded by a skin cancer charity – who then sent the14,000+ consumers skin cancer information instead of the hoax tanning product.

Spoof product Sunny3 promises to triple the power of the sun, anywhere in the world, allowing users to get three times the sun exposure. Ad agency McCann Worldwide came up with the idea because their target audience, 15- to 24-year-old binge tanners, were immune to traditional skin cancer education and warnings.

You can see the Sunny3 website here

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