Kiwi guys keen on moisturiser

02:00 Mon Sep 12 2011
Melissa Williams-King, MSN NZ Beauty Editor
Man with face mask

Having a few grooming products is totally acceptable to young New Zealand men, according to a new study, but they’re not comfortable taking it too far.

The research, conducted by the University of Otago, canvassed a group of 18- to 22-year-olds to find out their attitudes toward cosmetics use.

Commented Senior Marketing Lecturer and International Business Programme Director Dr Lisa McNeill: “We have a country of young men who are open to using grooming products while not wanting to take the manliness out of being a man.”

“They were very functional about their grooming choices, needing to see the products as practical solutions to specific needs, rather than providers of beautification,” she added.

Or, in the words of one participant: “...if you have a few things, that’s sweet, but if you’ve got a whole shelf of stuff, that’s getting into feminine territory".

The study also revealed that women played a major role in steering young men towards suitable grooming products – their mums, followed by their girlfriends, were strong influences.

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