Supermodel Agyness Deyn faked her age

07:30 Thu Mar 1 2012
Melissa Williams-King, MSN NZ Beauty Editor
Agyness Deyn

Supermodel and British It girl Agyness Deyn has been busted for lying about her age.

The platinum blonde beauty is 29 years old – not 23 as she has consistently claimed throughout her high-flying career.

The glamorous covergirl admitted her subterfuge in a recent interview with the Guardian newspaper, admitting she "knocked off a few years" because she was relatively ancient compared to her competition. (Deyn didn't hit the big time until she was in her early 20s, which is when she started the lie, claiming she was still in her teens.)

She didn't fool her old schoolmates though – they started a Facebook group called "Agyness Deyn You're Not 18".

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