Victoria's 'sheep placenta facials'

06:00 Thu May 24 2012
Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham

Touted by experts as the biggest breakthrough in beauty therapy since Botox, sheep placenta facials are the latest craze to take over Hollywood.

The treatment, which will set you back $500 per session, has earned a long list of A-list devotees, including former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham.

The 38-year-old mother of four has reportedly become a fan of the facial, regularly visiting the clinic of Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr Harold Lancer for the treatment.

"Victoria is someone who always wants the latest and best in anti-ageing treatments," a spokeswoman for Dr. Lancer revealed. "She visits the office every two weeks when she is in town."

The miracle facial is said to harness the power of sheep stem cells, stimulating your own cells to produce collagen and encouraging new cell growth.

"Gold particles are included as gold helps to diffuse the stem cells," Dr. Lancer told the UK's Daily Mail. "[They] act as the transdermal delivery system to help it work into the skin."

The 90-minute placenta facial begins with a regular exfoliation. The face is then exposed to steam and a red LED light, which opens the pores, 'dilates the blood vessels and makes the skin more receptive to the stem cells' before the gold-flecked gel is applied.

The gel is then infused with a galvanized metal probe, allowing for deep penetration of the active ingredients.

Finally, oxygen is added ‘to continue to enhance activation of the stem cells and stimulate the skin’.

"The treatment provides instant results," Dr. Lancer claimed. "Patients report decreased wrinkles and a glowing complexion."

Despite its cult-like following, some dermatologists have questioned the controversial treatment. Dr. Robin Ashinoff, an associate professor at New York University, said: "It's probably the LED that’s doing it."

— Leni Andronicos

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