Teen’s “acne reveal” goes viral

13:30 Tue Jun 5 2012
Melissa Williams-King, MSN NZ Beauty Editor
You Tube

A 19-year-old Californian girl has become an internet sensation after one of her beauty tutorial videos showed her with and without make-up – to dramatic effect.

Gorgeous Cassandra Bankson, who routinely posted make-up tutorials on You Tube, decided to show just how severe her acne was before she applied her complex layers of cosmetics.

“I feel really disgusting,” she says in her video when she appears bare-faced, with pimples covering her face and neck. But after Cassandra applies a mattifying product, primer, foundation, concealer, powder and a setting spray, her complexion appears totally flawless. She says she shared the video to help others who were also dealing with acne.

You can watch the video here.

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