Monday is show time for female workers

14:00 Mon Jul 2 2012
Monday is show time for female workers
Monday is show time for female workers

Women make more of an effort to look good at the start of a work-week, but this tapers off as the week continues, a study has found.

Women reportedly devote extra time to their hair, make-up and clothes at the start of the week so they can make a good impression on their co-workers.

But standards slip as the week wears on.

Four in 10 women said they stopped making an effort by Wednesday and one in five of the 2000 women surveyed said their workload increased so much during the week they didn't have time to spend ages on their appearance, the Daily Mail reports.

The survey found that women typically spend 39 minutes getting ready on a Monday, dropping to 32 minutes by Tuesday, while Wednesdays and Thursdays fell to 29 minutes.

But by Friday, it's time to glam up again - preparations increased to 33 minutes as the weekend approached.

More than half of the surveyed women said they would make an extra effort if they had a meeting or appointment with the boss.

Nearly a quarter said they would take more time over their appearance if there was a promotion up for grabs.

And one in 10 women received compliments on their appearance at the start of the week but said these tailed off as time went on.

Four in 10 of those polled said every office has a woman who always looks impeccably turned out.

But opinion varied as to why this was, with almost half claiming those who look pristine have lots of money to spend on treatments.

The survey was done be skincare company Simple.

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