Real-life face bra is latest cosmetic lift

09:00 Thu Jul 26 2012
Facelift Bungee
Images: Fox and ABC News

Don’t want to shell out thousands for a tauter, sleeker face? Try the new Facelift Bungee, a $25 invention making waves in the beauty world.

To be honest, when we first saw this, we couldn't help thinking of the face bra invented by the ditzy small screen secretary Elaine Vassal of Ally McBeal fame. But the 2012 version is a lot more discreet and far less scary.

The DIY facelift works with an elasticated bungee cord, which is attached at the temples, under the hair, to pull back and lift the face.

It was invented by US woman Kimberley Aschauer, who wanted to look fresher for her son’s wedding but balked at the cost of cosmetic surgery.

Dubbed “Spanx for the face”, the unusual beauty product attaches via combs to braided pieces of hair and its cord is hidden underneath the hair.

Aschauer claims that the device won’t cause any more discomfort than a “ponytail headache”.

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