“Slimming” perfume promises diet success

07:00 Thu Aug 2 2012
Prends Moi perfume
Image: Thinkstock

Diet-conscious women are lining up for a product dubbed “the world’s first weight-loss fragrance.”

Prends-Moi (ooh la la – it means “take me”!) was created by French perfume house Robertet and its makers claim to have scientific research to back up its slimming claims.

The scent uses aromatherapy and neurocosmetic principles to stimulate the release of B-endorphins in the skin. This process activates the brain’s pleasure centre and results in a feeling of wellbeing – helping to reduce the need for stress- or mood-related eating.

According to a trial, after using Prends-Moi for 28 days, 75 per cent of testers felt it limited their need to snack and 70 per cent thought it acted on their eating behavior.

What does the diet secret actually smell of? It’s a fresh mix of bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit, jasmine, vanilla and musk.

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