Dying girl posting make-up tutorials

07:30 Sat Aug 11 2012

A 12-year-old American girl who may only have months to live has inspired thousands through her online make-up tutorials, which she vows to continue as making as long as she can.

Talia Joy Castellano, who was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma cancer in 2007, uploaded a video on August 7 revealing that she now has pre-leukaemia, the Huffington Post reports.

She said her only option is to receive a bone-marrow transplant but adds there is no guarantee the painful operation will cure her.

Talia said even if she can find a suitable donor "if my body rejects it then I'm screwed."

"I went through all that crap for nothing."

However, despite the severity of her situation Talia remains committed to her make-up tutorials, which have gone viral, and has vowed to continue posting them as long as she is able to.

The twelve-year-old said putting make-up on allowed her to feel better about herself.

"When I put on my make-up I feel like I can embrace those features that I really like about myself," she said.

"I feel if someone's looking at me, they're looking at my make-up, not looking at my bald head."

She said her tutorials try to help other people feel beautiful by using make-up.

Doctors have told Talia she will live between four months and one year if she decides not to undergo a transplant.

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