Blake Lively talks budget beauty

10:00 Sat Feb 9 2013
Blake Lively has shared her down-to-earth beauty beliefs
Blake Lively has shared her down-to-earth beauty beliefs (Getty)

Blake Lively's favourite beauty product is a bronzer that looks like a "mosaic of five different colours".

The actress can't live without an affordable make-up item found at most drug stores in the US.

The style icon insists the price of things shouldn't matter; it's about how products make you feel.

"There is this brand sold in drug stores called Physicians Formula. They have this $US8 bronzer," Blake told the Huffington Post when asked about a beauty item she swears by. "It looks like a mosaic of five different colours. I think it's called Mocha.

"Find things that give you your identity. If you like your lips, lip gloss will do it for you. And the same goes for mascara! The greatest way to feel glamorous is to just feel like yourself and be in your own skin."

The 25-year-old famously refuses the assistance of star stylists. While she prefers a laidback and low maintenance beauty regime when off duty, she does rely on a team of trusted hair and make-up professionals to get her ready for big events.

"I have a pretty laidback day-off routine. I always like very natural hair and make-up. I don't like hair too coiffed or done. I like looking like you can end the night running barefoot through a fountain in Central Park.

"I always have people that do my hair and make-up that I really like, people that are honest," she continued.

"If I show them a picture and say that I like a certain style, they will tell me I don't have the right face shape for it."

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