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Celebrity trend: the sleek ponytail

02:00 Thu Jun 23 2011
Melissa Williams King, MSN NZ Beauty Editor
Kim Kardashian. Image: Getty
Kim Kardashian. Image: Getty

Hollywood starlets are known for their elaborate long, artfully tousled hairdos, but sometimes a girl (even a Kardashian) wants to keep it simple.

We’ve spied several celebrities paring it down with a slicked-back ponytail – but even with this seemingly simple style there are some tricks to master. (It’s not just a matter of grabbing hair into an elastic, sorry!) We talked to Teddy Charles, co-creator of the Sunsilk Frizz & Weather Defence product range, about the best way to get this classic look.

What is the best way to prep hair for a sleek ponytail?
The trick I give my clients for a head start is to combat frizz whilst you shower! Use a moisturising shampoo and allow suds to work their magic before conditioning. Lock moisture in with a luscious conditioner working it through the hair, length by length.

Is the 'wet look' a trend that works for real life?
Gel hardens the hair, which goes against any idea of ‘wet’ as ‘wet’ always moves somewhat, so I add a dab of hair cream to the gel to prevent hardening. This also acts like a conditioner that you don’t have to rinse, and softens the hair.

What’s your favourite way to style a ponytail?
Part hair at the side, in line with the highest part of your eyebrow, and slick it back. Gather the ponytail off the centre, on the opposite side of the part. Wrap a leather band or lace around the elastic, preferably a shiny one to complement the sleekness of the hair, tie and let it dangle down midway on the ponytail.

What hair types work best for this style?
Whether it’s scraped back and high, or loose and low, there’s a ponytail to suit everyone and every occasion. The thing I notice most with ponytails is the angle. Unless you’re going for a really high ponytail or a really low one everything else in between should line up exactly with the top of your ears. It’s the ponytails that end up in an In between area that look off to me.

What’s your best ponytail trick?
A high pony tail is always a good stop-gap if your hair is ruined by the weather. Done right, it’s elegant and easy. Use a good combing cream and lift your head and look up when making your ponytail – pull your hair back and when you lower your head, the pony will automatically tighten and stay neat and chic for the rest of the day! Finally, smooth with serum for a high gloss, catwalk look.

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