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Copy Charlize's amazing updos

02:00 Wed Jan 25 2012
Melissa Williams King, MSN NZ Beauty Editor
Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Hollywood goddess Charlize Theron has been hitting it out of the park lately - hot on the heels of her beautiful braided bun for the Critics Choice Awards she showed up at the Golden Globes with a similar style, this time tousled with a glittering headband.

Want to copy either of these glam side-swept styles? We've got the scoop from her stylist Enzo Angileri, who created both looks.

Critics Choice braided twist:

“This look is a homage to Latin beauty; strong, elegant, and graceful”, explained Angileri. (He was inspired by Charlize's dress, by Spanish designer Azzedine Alaia). “The condition of the hair had to look very healthy, smooth and polished – but with a subtle touch of texture that kept it modern."

• Shampoo with a volumising shampoo such as Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo.
• Work in a light oil, such as Moroccanoil Light, to protect hair from heat stying, and blow dry hair straight.
• Part hair on the right and make a loose braid from hair at the nape. Make the braid gradually larger and looser as it reaches the opposite side, and secure with a pin.
• Take the remaining hair and make another thinner braid above the first one, with both braids directed toward the left ear.
• Twist braids together in a round, low bun, pin in place and carefully position them so they can be seen from every angle.
• Spray with a product such as Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray to add shine and highlight the shape and movement of the bun.

Golden Globes romantic bun:

“Charlize wore a dramatic Cartier diamond headband and when you have such an important piece of jewellery, it can become too much, almost old-fashioned, if you have slick, over- styled hair. I wanted to create an up-do that combined a bohemian, romantic, and casual mood, but was strong enough for the red carpet”, said Angileri.

• Style dry hair in small sections using a 2-inch curling tong to give volume and texture.
• Mist sections with Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray, then brush through to remove any trace of curl separation.
• Sweep hair to left and divide into three sections. Take the first two sections, pull and roll into a loose bun; pin in place. Spray with a product such as Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray.
• Release the last section and wrap it around and under the bun; pin in place.
• Adjust small strands around the bun to create a messier look.
• Spray with an anti-frizzer such as Moroccanoil Frizz Control .
• Add a sparkly headband to complete the look.

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