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Love it or loathe it: Half-shaven hairdos

02:00 Thu Jun 21 2012
Melissa Williams-King
Getty Images
Getty Images

While glamorous Hollywood actresses only shave their hair for a special role, the same can’t be said for trend-setting music stars. The latest hair craze for pop starlets is an unusual mix of long locks and a ‘number one’ buzz cut.

Dubbed ‘Skillrex hair’ after the famous male DJ of the same name, the ’do involves a shaven scalp one one side of the head, with the rest of the tresses left flowing.

Avril Lavigne is the most recent convert - the 27-year-old Canadian singer debuted half-shaven hairdo in Paris just last week. Chart-topper Rihanna is also currently sporting the same trendy style, while two years back she experimented with shaven patches on a short haircut. Known for her outrageous dress sense, Ke$ha is also a convert to the Skillrex look. But the most famous half-shaven hairdo right now has to be Willow Smith - she’s rocked the look so convincingly even her mum Jada has adopted the double-sided style!

If you’re thinking of trying this tricky trend, it’s best to head to the salon (don’t try to DIY with hair clippers!). Remember, when you decide to grow it out, the shaven patches will take months to reach even chin length.

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