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Love it or loathe it: hair bows

02:00 Fri Aug 31 2012
Melissa Williams-King
Love it or loathe it: hair bows
Love it or loathe it: hair bows

Hair bows (made from actual hair) have been hot on runways and the red carpet for a few years now - but this recent one really takes it to extremes!

Scottish pop star Tallia Storm caused a sensation with her massively oversized bow hairdo, which was far bigger than the versions even Lady Gaga had been sporting of late. We've also seen less outlandish versions by British actress Rosmund Pike, and on screen by Serena in Gossip Girl. A quick perusal of Pinterest will show hundreds of hair bow options, from thin and dainty ties on a half-up style to major bow toppers that form the basis of the entire hairstyle.

If you're keen to tie on this trend, there are three ways to get there. The easiest options is to head to a hair salon that specialises in dry styling. You could also check out hair extension shops and websites, now that enterprising companies are selling pre-made faux bows.

For the DIY option, there are You Tube tutorials to help. You'll need to section your bow into three - a tiny middle section, which is clipped back until the end, and two evenly sized bow parts. Tong each large section inwards to get it curving in the right direction to style; and tease and spray each section. Shape each section into a bow half, pinning with several bobby pins. The last section is used to wrap over the centre of the bow, and it is also pinned in place. Smooth down your bow and finish with hairspray.

What do you think of the 'do? Will you try it?

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