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Try the new curling irons

02:00 Thu Jun 23 2011
Melissa Williams-King
Remington Tribal Tong, $99.95
Remington Tribal Tong, $99.95

If you struggle creating curls with your straightening iron or a traditional clamp curling iron, the new breed of tongs could make your hair twirl in anticipation.

Remington’s Tribal Tong ($99.95) and The Wand by Cloud Nine ($350; phone 0800 25 25 30) are among the new breed of curling tongs that come without a clamp.

Instead of risking a dent in your hair from tricky-to-master clamping, you instead simply hold your hair in place after you’ve wrapped it round the tapered barrel. (The end of the wand is not heated, plus the tongs come with a rubber finger glove.)

Because the wand is tapered, you can vary the tightness of your curls – wrap hair around the smaller end for ringlets, and around the wider end for loose waves. You can also use it to give root lift, by just rolling it under the base of a section of hair.

Stylists are loving these new tools because they offer an alternative to the sometimes fake-looking straightening iron or curling tong curls (wood-shavings, anyone?) Wand-style curlers make it quick and easy to create a variety of curl shapes and sizes for a more natural look.

Top New Zealand stylist Mobeen Bhikoo of Stephen Marr says “the great thing about The Wand is that it’s not about different hair types, and it’s not just for short or long hair - it’s suitable for anyone.”

“It can create different looks and textures; you’re not restricted to the typical contrived curls that you get with traditional tongs or irons. Even women who already have curly hair will love The Wand because you can soften or strengthen your natural curls.”

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