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How to: Rescue dry winter hair

02:00 Tue Aug 2 2011
How to: Rescue dry winter hair (Image: Thinkstock)

You may not be swimming or sun baking, but the chilly season can still play havoc with your hair.

Cold temperatures, air conditioning and indoor heating can dry out your locks just as much — what's more, you probably subject your hair to more heat styling than you would do in summer.

That's why a deep conditioning treatment is essential. The good news is that a slew of new options have come on the market, so it's not simply a choice between a high-priced salon version or slathering your head with olive oil and avocado.

Faced with a new generation of consumers who heat-style their hair daily, supermarket brands like Pantene, Dove and V05 have introduced new deep conditioners or expanded their range.

Daniel Mullette, technical manager at Unilever (which produces the new Dove Damage Therapy range of deep conditioners) has these tips for getting the best results:

- Apply a treatment mask focusing on the lengths and ends, rather than the roots, which need less conditioning as the hair is younger there and typically less damaged. (This also helps you avoid oily roots.)

- Leave it on for the recommended time — with Dove Damage Therapy, this is five minutes. The masks require longer application time than a normal conditioner and are rinse-off products designed to be used in the shower, so a wrapping your head in a hot towel is not going to provide much additional benefit. Used for the recommended time, the masks deliver twice the conditioning ingredients of the standard conditioner.

- Use at least once a week, in addition to your wash and care routine. If you've got severely damaged hair, try using it daily for the first week to get great results faster.

Can't spare the extra five minutes? Try an overnight conditioner (Dove, Pantene, John Frieda and Kerastase all have versions) which works while you sleep. You can either wash out or simply restyle in the morning.

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