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How to wash your hair less — and look amazing

02:00 Mon Aug 22 2011
How to wash your hair less — and look amazing (Image: Thinkstock)

Just a few years back, dry shampoo was the secret of savvy French women (who swore by cult brand Klorane) or nurses who offered it to bedridden hospital patients.

Today the category has exploded, and it's no wonder — millions of time-poor women want to look great, but can do without all those hours washing and blow-drying their hair. From the bargain buy Batiste to a whole new 'hair freshening' range from Tresemme, there are so many new options out there you might not know what to choose or how to use them. Here's the lowdown on some of our favourite brands and tips.

Best buy
Batiste's well-priced dry shampoo (under $20, and half that for mini size) took chemists by storm over the past few years, and is a favourite of Kiwi women. It comes in different fragrances as well as in handy mini sizes. Its best innovation is its coloured variants, which spare dark-haired users the tell-tale powdery white marks that occur with most dry shampoos.

All-over care
Tresemme spotted a gap in the market and created an entire range based upon women's aversion to washing and styling their hair! As well as a traditional dry shampoo, the range includes a waterless foam shampoo, which is ideal for thick and curly hair. (It works very well after a gym session — just massage the foam into damp areas around your hairline, then use a blow-dryer to swiftly make any oily patches disappear.) The range also contains a hair refreshing mist, which instantly eliminates any odours, such as smoke or cooking smells.

Conditioners go dry too
Australian brand Fudge is well-loved by Kiwis too. Its popular dry shampoo also comes in a mini size, and Fudge has just released a dry conditioner, which refreshes hair and combats frizz and flyaways without the wetness of a traditional leave-in conditioning spray. Tigi Bedhead also has both a dry shampoo and a dry conditioner — the latter is great for smoothing rough ends after brushing.

Best of the rest
A few top salon brands also offer dry shampoo options — KMS, De Lorenzo, Kevin Murphy and bumble + bumble all have excellent products. (The latter is known for its famed Hair Powder Spray with many colour variants. It's not cheap though — $93 at

How to use it:
It's so simple: direct the spray towards greasy areas, holding it a few inches away. Leave it to absorb oil for a couple of minutes, then brush, ruffle or blow-dry it out. (With the waterless foam variety, a blow-dryer may be needed.) Another tip: some stylists use it when creating updos, because even if hair is not dirty, it creates a bit of texture so that the style stays put and looks less severe and more bedhead sexy.

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