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Pampered pets - does your dog need a makeover?

03:00 Wed Sep 28 2011
Melissa Williams-King
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Here at Beauty Clique we've noticed an increase in upmarket beauty brands such as Kiehl's and Nellie Tier coming out with pet-related products.

While in the past dog grooming was mainly the domain of Paris Hilton's pooches, today it has entered the mainstream. We spoke to Adrienne Owen-Jones, owner of Auckland's Stardogs, to get her take on the trend.

Is there a dog grooming boom?
I've definitely noticed a large increase in demand in the last 18 months. Nowadays it's something for the average family dog, not just a 'designer dog.' My theory is that people are cutting back on luxuries like travel, and have bought the family a dog instead. Also there is an increase in cross-breed dogs such as spoodles and labrodoodles - these types of dogs require more grooming.

What are the latest looks for dogs?
Terriers, especially Westies, are one of our most popular breeds (we see 60 - 70 clients) and people are going for the traditional cut - the classic tight body, fluffy head and little skirt. Our girl dogs are into accessories - they all wear ribbons in their hair or on their collar.

What products do you recommend for dogs?
We usually use shampoo and conditioner. 'Whitening' shampoos are popular and help get a fresh clean look. We make our own conditioner, which smells of coconut ice. Natural and organic is a big trend - people are not wanting their pets to have harsh chemicals on their skin.

How do dogs feel after a good groom?
We are 100 percent sure they feel like we do after a good makeover. The boy dogs have a certain swagger and the girl dogs are prancing. They feel just lovely!

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