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Hair How To: Clip-in extensions

02:00 Sun Dec 18 2011
Melissa Williams-King
Ke$ha sporting extensions in blonde and turquoise. Getty

What's the secret to celebrities' bouncy, thick and long locks? In most cases, the answer is hair extensions.

Until recently, extensions had to be attached to your hair in a salon, a lengthy and expensive ordeal. What's more, they often damaged your natural hair due to the bonding process.

But now DIY clip-in hair extension have become the latest hair craze, with Jessica Simpson's HairDo brand the most well-known globally.

Now even an more affordable line of extensions has hit our shores from Mita, and your can find it at your local chemist.

Priced from $9.99 to $79.99, these handy hair helpers can add length volume or colour in an instant.

Here are some tips on using clip-in extensions such as the new selection from Mita.

• Wavy or slightly curly extensions always blend in better with your natural hair than stick straight extensions.

• Check whether the extensions themselves can be styled (some brand's won't withstand heat. The Mita range can be styled up to 210 degrees celcius).

• Extensions blend best with hair that is shoulder length or longer. (For short hair, you might be better off going to a salon.)

• Unless you are gong for a bold colour statement, choose the shade that blends in best with your own hair. Hold it up to your hair in natural light if possible.

• To make the extensions stay ins securely, lightly tease the natural hair where you insert the clip. This gives grip and stops it sliding out.

• The product will come with a detailed instruction booklet, but if you need more guidance, YouTube has a wide range of How To videos to help.

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