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Work a natural wave

02:00 Wed Mar 28 2012
Melissa Williams-King
Work a natural wave

If you have curly or wavy hair, chances are you spend hours battling your natural texture with a blow drier or styling iron.

But loose curls and shaggy waves are back in style, so it's time you broke your daily straightening habit and embraced waves for a change. We spoke to Jesse Boag, Moroccanoil Educator for Australia and New Zealand, to find out his top tips for styling wavy hair.

"The first rule when working with natural curls is to use the correct product for the particular curl and hair type," he says. For example, Moroccanoil has a leave-in Intense Curl Cream that nourishes extra thick hair, a Curl Defining Cream for medium hair types and a Curl Control Mousse that's great for finer curls and won't weigh them down.

Moisture treatments are especially key for curly hair - "[It's] naturally drier with a coarser texture," explains Jesse. Treatment oils such as Moroccanoil are great for adding moisture and improving elasticity.

When it comes to styling, look for a product with moisturising properties - you want a cross between a leave-in conditioner and a styling cream or mousse. Says Jesse, "natural curls and waves need to be smooth and defined to look their best. You want 'control without the crunch'."

To enhance a natural curl, product is best applied evenly by twisting from roots to ends.

You can either leave hair to dry naturally, or use a blow drier - but you need to take the opposite approach to straightening your hair. Instead of high heat under a concentrator attachment, use the low or medium setting and a diffuser attachment. Having it on too high will aggravate the curl, which in turn will create frizz, says Jesse. "Try to use the diffuser as a tool, rather than your fingers, to keep the curls intact."

When finished, you may have some wayward or frizzy waves, especially on the top section. Choose a few sections to twist around the barrel of a curling iron (or flick with a styling iron to curl) so that the front and top sections look a little more polished. Now go and enjoy the extra hours we just saved you!

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