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Celebrity trend: Invisible eyebrows

02:00 Mon Jul 25 2011
Melissa Williams-King
Chloe Sevigny. Image: Getty
Chloe Sevigny. Image: Getty

Nearly 20 years after 90s model Kristen McMenamy made a famous fashion statement with shaved eyebrows, the 'invisbrow' is back.

It's definitely one of the edgier trends in the beauty world, adopted by models such as Lara Stone (who shot to fame after bleaching her brows on the advice of French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld), Agyness Deyn, Lily Donaldson and Linda Evangelista, as well as indie actress Chloe Sevigny. But the trend isn't only for fashionistas.

"Bleached brows are an easy was to draw attention to the other features of your face whether you are going for an eye look, a lip look or doing both," explains MAC senior makeup artist Amber Dreadon. "It keeps the face looking minimal and not too busy."

Here are Amber's tips for following the trend:

* While you can commit to bleached brows by regular visits to your hairdresser or beauty salon, it’s much easier to fake it by lightening the brows with makeup.

* Try mixing together a concealer shade with a good coverage (like MAC Studio Finish concealer) together with mascara. Mix to create a skin-toned mascara; comb it through with a lash brush. This will dry and set and keep your brows in place.

* Another good trick is to use MAC Clear Brow Set combed through your brows. Let it dry for a couple of minutes then use a lighter weight concealer (like MAC Prolongwear Concealer) with a lash brush and gently comb through then set with a dusting of loose powder to keep it all in place.

If this look isn't for you, Amber notes that the other major trend this season is its exact opposite: a full, boyish brow.

Here are some of our favorite grooming and defining products for eyebrows.

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