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Make-up how to: try the new candy colours

02:00 Thu Feb 16 2012
Melissa Williams-King
A model with yellow eye make-up and the YSL Candy Face Palette, $114colours

From hot pink blush to violet and even yellow eye-shadow, models on the runways have been sporting vibrant make-up effects for the past season. But how easy is it to wear rainbow-coloured make-up? We spoke to Penelope Klisser, NZ training manager for Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics, to get the answer. (YSL have just released an entire collection, Candy Face, based on the trend.)

These colours look great in the palette, but how easy are they to wear?
They are all very easy to use as they blend beautifully. They're are all so soft that when they are all blended in - you get a really feminine look. The secret is to blend. I always start with the deepest eye colour and use a fine brush to draw a line around the eyes to define them. Then I add the softer colours to the lid and blend. Always make sure that the outer corners are darker, to emphasize the eyes.

How do you wear some of the crazier colours, like yellow or pink on the eyes?
Yellow is one of my favourite colours to use as a highlighter. Just dab it on the centre of your eyes and see the difference - it makes your eyes look more awake and radiant. It's an old favourite trick of make up artists to relieve tired eyes. I like to tell people to use the "scary" colours as a highlighter on the centre of your lid - it will instantly give your eyes a real lift.

Pink, especially bright pinks often come into the "scary" category too. Again start by just dabbing some on your eyelid to give your eye an extra zap, then try mixing it with other colours to get a different colour and have some fun. Soft pinks with light-reflecting particles work well on most eyes and contrary to common belief do not make your eyes look tired. They can be used by themselves with lashings of mascara for a soft natural look or add a deep brown, burgundy or amethyst at the upper and bottom corners for a smoky eye.

How would you take this look to the next level?
To go a bit wild use bright pink as an eyeliner, smudge lavender over the top lid and blend, and put soft pink under brows. Or put bright pink on inner corner of top lids, then use a deep amethyst on outer corner of top lids and under bottom lashes.

How do you avoid a very 80s look?
Always remember that you cant go wrong - if you make a mistake just blend and blend. That is also how you avoid the 80s look. In the 80s they used these colours but with no blending, so you had a very false stripey look. Today the colours are softer and easier to blend.

What lipstick and blush is best with a rainbow-coloured eye?
Blushes should be soft - just a wash of colour to give a pretty natural flushed look. Don't use bronzer as that will clash horribly. My personal preference is for a strong and vibrant lip colour, otherwise you can look a bit washed-out. Have fun with a strong coral or pink.Glosses also work well.

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