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Get perfect eyebrows

02:00 Wed Jun 27 2012
MSN staff
Get perfect eyebrows
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With clients including Megan Fox, Natalie Portman and Fergie, nobody knows the importance of a good brow more than celebrity brow stylist Tonya Crooks. We caught up with the LA-based make-up artist during MBFWA to find out her top tips for creating the perfect brow. You're welcome!

MSN: Do you have any tips for achieving the celebrity look at home?
When I first look at a client's face I study how their facial muscles move. I lift up the brow and see where the natural curves are. There are three types of brows: the classic arch, the arc and the straight brow. The first step of achieving your own red carpet worthy brow is to identify which brow category you fall into. This will then determine the shape you want to wax.

MSN: Megan Fox is the owner of our most asked about brows. How can we get her look?
The reason Megan's brows work so well is because they're the shape she was born with. Every time someone asks me for her brows, I say: "I can't give you Megan's brows, but I can give you the best brows for your face". I'm all about empowering women to know their own shape and becoming their own expert.

MSN: Do you have a top brow rule you live by?
Don't remove the hairs from the inside of the brow. The biggest mistake I see women make is removing too much from the inside. Doing this will flatten the brow. It's important to have all three points (the inside, the top of the arch and the tail) of a brow.

MSN: So we've accidently taken too much off by waxing, now what?
Pull out your support tools and get savvy with make-up. When you brush up a brow it has the tendency to appear thicker. So brush them and fill them in with a brow pencil to make them instantly stronger.

MSN: You've recently partnered with Veet for their new High Precision Facial Wax. What do you love about it?
This wax is fool-proof. The formula is so sensitive and the viscosity is perfect. Designed with a flat applicator tool, the product aims for high precision and makes your brow goal totally achievable.

MSN: How should we use Veet's High Precision Facial Wax?
Start by brushing the brow up to determine its natural shape. Then, use your brush to style the brow with a straight line at both the bottom and top which intersects at the tail. Heat the wax as instructed and take a small amount using the tip of the applicator. Follow the lines from the inside of the eyebrow, moving up through the arch with a thin layer. Next, apply the reusable wax strip with light pressure in the opposite direction to the hair growth. Pull to remove. Repeat on the second brow.

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