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Cheat your way to a perfect winged eye!

02:00 Wed Jul 18 2012
NZ MSN staff
The super trendy winged eye look, beloved of celebrities and models, isn’t always easy to achieve. A precise, sharp line that’s exactly the same on each eyelid is a tricky thing to master, even with top beauty tools. That’s why we were excited to find a method that even the clumsiest of make-up novices can handle.

All you need is your secret weapon - sticky tape. (The sheer Scotch Tape variety is the lightest and kindest on skin - you don’t want super adhesiveness here.)

All you need is an eyeliner brush, pot of gel eyeliner and your tape. (It’s possible to use an eyeliner pencil, but a brush and gel is the easier option.)

First, take one piece of tape about 5-centimetres long and line it up so it hits the bottom outer corner of your eye and extends up and out for a few centimeters.

Next take a shorter piece of tape and place it along your eyelid, leaving a very small gap between the tape and the lash line. Line this up so it crosses the other piece of tape where you want the ‘flick’ to finish.

Now, using the brush and gel eyeliner, colour in the entire area all over the tape, staying within its outer edges.

Finally, remove the tape to reveal a perfect cat’s eye! And simply repeat on the other eye. (For perfect symmetry, you may want to tape both eyes first, before you colour them in.)

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