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02:00 Fri Jun 3 2011
Listerine Zero

A Beauty Clique promotion for Listerine.

Having beautiful clean teeth and a healthy mouth is something we all aspire to and Listerine has come to the rescue again with new Listerine Zero.

Offering a less intense taste, Listerine Zero helps kill the germs that cause cavities, and helps fights plaque, providing a cleaner and fresher mouth.

And it’s made with a unique alcohol-free formula that uses the same proven ingredients found in traditional Listerine products which grace beauty cabinets across the nation.

Listerine Zero’s essential oils are proven to kill millions of germs on contact, ensuring users get the deep clean they desire.

We've found 50 Beauty Clique fans to roadtest this product and they will be posting their reviews below. But if you have a comment about Listerine Zero, share it with our readers now.

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User comments
Really impressed with Listerine Zero ! My mouth feels lovely and fresh without my taste buds being on fire !!!! I will definately be buying this. The only issue I had with it was getting the child proof cap off ! LOL !
I have just come to the end of my sample bottle of the listerine zero, and tomorrow im going out to get some more. it is the best mouth wash i have every tried, its fresh, and mint, but not so intense i cant handle holding it in my mouth for more the a few seconds. Great product!! and thanks for letting me test it!!
Well, I have used up a third of the bottle so far and I have found that I love this product! In my last forum, I had mentioned I had preferred the stronger Listerine mouthwashes but with each mouth wash, I have noticed that I like this product better. I like that I can use it for more than 30 seconds without my face burning red and gums tingling with discomfort. It is also much refreshing as my teeth feel cleaner and better in general, because I use it for a fair amount of time without noticing it. I really don't buy mouthwash as regularly because the price for me, is a bit on the expensive side. But I think I'm going to have to buy Zero Mouthwash now, because it's become a part of my daily routine and it makes me feel complete, like a nice hot tea in the morning. One thing I did notice, is that Listerine doesn't have a whitening mouthwash? That's a product I tend to buy, whether they work or not?
After testing against 3 other brands from the main supermarkets I found Listerine Zero to be everything the marketing description states. The clear bottle shows the nice neutral colour of the contents. The no alcohol, contents is pleasant to taste and leaves your mouth clean and refreshed. A product hard to fault, however the one slight flaw was the child proof cap is a bit fiddly to open, perhaps softer plastic would make this product a 10 out of 10. At the moment due to the fiddly cap, I give it an 8 out of 10
I really like this new Listerine mouthwash. I've always liked the idea of using mouthwash, but in reality, when I've bought the regular types I have only used them once or twice and then left my husband to finish it off because of the offputting, intense flavour. But Listerine Zero has a much nicer taste! I found that I managed to last the full 30 seconds, whereas with other products I usually only last about 10 secs. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that it didn't affect the exposed root that I have on one of my teeth. I would definitely buy it again, as long as the price is similar to the other brands. I can only assume it's doing as good a job as the other types that have alcohol in them. That's another bonus - I won't have to worry about police Breathalysers any more!
I love the new listerine zero!! Other mouthwash's would leave my mouth fresh but burning on my cheeks for a few minutes after. The new zero leaves me feeling fresh and clean but without the powerful burn factor - awesome! I will be purchasing this product again for sure and recommending it to other mouthwash users and flatmates!
I really like this product not to strong & easy to rinse for 30 seconds, without that burning sensation. Hubby likes using as well, will definitely buy.
I have used this product a few times now and I'm finding it really good. The less intense blast is great as I felt regular listerine was always a bit too powerful for me. I think this product will get me into regularly using mouthwash. I recommend others try this product out.
I have never really been an avid user of mouthwash, mostly due to the fact that I didn't enjoy the burning feeling in my mouth. Listerine zero is much better and I am now a user of mouthwash. It left my mouth feeling fresh and clean, without the burning feeling. I am really glad I got the chance to try the new mouthwash and would reccommend it for people who would like to try a less intense mouthwash.
I use normal Listerine at home, but just swill it quickly in my mouth cause it makes my nose run... and my eyes water! I prefer the new Mild Listerine! I can get a good clean without the horrible burning taste in my mouth!

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