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Try Rexona Clinical Protection

02:00 Mon Feb 6 2012
MSN NZ staff
Try Rexona Clinical Protection

A Beauty Clique promotion for Rexona.

Keeping your underarms dry and odour-free is especially hard in the summertime for excessive sweaters, but you can step out with confidence any time of the year with Rexona Clinical Protection, the most powerful wetness protection ever from Rexona.

Whether you're at work or play, Rexona Clinical Protection provides the superior protection you need. As well as fighting sweat for 48 hours, it is formulated with revolutionary Trisolid body responsive technology that controls sweat whilst also caring for your underarm skin.

We've found 100 Beauty Clique fans to roadtest this product and they will be posting their reviews below soon. But if you have a comment about Rexona Clinical Protection, share it with our readers now.

User comments
I loved this product, I applied it as per the instructions and did not sweat at all. I was very pleased I can now avoid the embaressing under-arm wetness on my clothes. Very very impressed and happy with the product.
have been using this since it came out and i love it smells great works as its suppose to.
i want 2 buy this product, can u plzz let me know how much it cost for me including shipping as well. Thanks cheers. Kinds Regards, Mohammed Musaheb Ali Askari. ( Obaid ) 0064212167865.
Best deoderant I have ever used. It exceeds all that was stated in the promo. Cheers
I love this product. It has honestly changed the game for me. I have always been a heavy sweater, and I've been 'borrowing' my husband's deodorant for years now. Often topping up during the day. I found the scent very nice, a bit strong at first, but overall I really like it. You put the product on at bedtime and get 24 hour coverage. Fab. It took about 2 days for me to build up the product but after that it's been fab. I haven't noticed any white marks, but then again, I haven't looked for them. It is obviously a product for the under arm, but I asked my GP and he said you could apply it to feet, the thighs or the breast area if you also sweat heavily there. I had seen the product advertised but felt unsure of whether it would work. It WORKS! Go try it.
Product works extremely well, especially over long periods of time. Smell was a lovely scent but a little too strong for me. I found deodorant left white marks on my clothing. Good value for money and am sure I will purchase again.
Works fine with me. Scent is pleasant. Applicator is easy to use. Not sticky. What happens to the sweat that normally perspires from myt underarms now? Will I just sweat more elsewhere?
Absolutely love this product! Such a good solution to the problem of sweating. I am very impressed how long this product lasts too! This will be the new deodorant I buy!
Wow this product is great I would totally buy this product again it was so good one thing that i disliked about it was that i got lots of white marks on my PJ's but this product works so well i don't mind it too much
This product has a pleasant and subtle scent but does the job of masking odour well. I would buy Rexona again, they have proved once again to be a trusted brand.

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