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ThinkstockSeven nail polish shortcutsFed by a constant update Instragram and Pinterest photos, nail polish has become an obsession.... ThinkstockFresh from the farmIt might not be the most glamorous place to get beauty inspiration, but the old-fashioned farm is... Dr Libby WeaverDr Libby Weaver's health and beauty tipsThe popular women’s wellbeing expert has just released her new book, Beauty From The Inside Out, so... Jennifer Lopez / GettyTextured nailsNow that manicures routinely look eye-popping, there’s only one way to go to get the wow factor –... Three hot new “gadget facials”The relaxing bliss of a facial combined with the high-tech skin science of a gadget? Sounds like a... ThinkstockThe revolutionary new treatment for sweatingWe’ve all heard about the Hollywood secret for combining a tight silk dress (in a pale colour) with... Gemma Arterton swears by collagen creamEnglish actress Gemma Arterton says Lady Gaga gave her the best tip for keeping her skin flawless.... Whitney Port puts skincare firstNo matter how many drinks she's had, Whitney Port always tries to wash her makeup off at night. ThinkstockThe buzz on bee venomBee vemom skincare is one of the hottest new skincare trends – in fact influential market... Liv Tyler: I love beautyLiv Tyler has confessed to being a beauty obsessive.
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