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How to avoid a botched Brazilian

02:00 Thu Feb 16 2012
Melissa Williams-King
Avoid a botched Brazilian

The risks of bikini waxes have recently been highlighted after serious injuries and burns were reported by victims in the US and UK. We spoked to Petrina Martin, owner Magic Tan & Beauty, Remuera, about the problem. (During the summer, Petrina says her salon receives at least five phone calls per day from people who have had a bad waxing experience at another salon.)

What should you look for in a salon when getting a Brazilian wax?
To avoid any potential disasters, ask the salon if their staff are qualified and experienced in Brazilian waxing and what kind of wax they use. Hot wax is much more gentle and only adheres to the hair and not the skin.

What are some red flags to avoid?
The therapist must check the wax temperature! The salon must be clean/tidy and use disposable spatulas, gloves and sterilised tweezers.

Do you think people are randomly buying Brazilians on daily deals sites?
The influx of the recent deal sites can come with problems. We have heard instances of salons using cheap wax on their voucher clients and this can result in injury. Ultimately, clients will always go back to the place where they had the best service performed on them.

Is there any preparation you can do at home first to ensure a good result?
To ensure a good brazilian result, you should regularly exfoliate and we recommend that clients exfoliate 24 hours after having a bBazilian then continue to do so twice - three times per week. You should avoid any sort of waxing on the third week of your cycle if possible as it makes you more susceptible to pain.

How do you treat a wax burn if you are unfortunate enough to suffer one?
If you are unlucky enough to suffer a burn, the area should be immediately treated with a gel ice pack. If it is severe, then medical treatment should be sought immediately and without delay. If wax is tested then a burn will never occur. The bottom area is much more heat-sensitive and will feel a lot hotter once the wax is applied. Our therapist, having already tested the temperature of the wax, assures clients that it is not burning, it just feels hotter in that area and it cools very fast.

Are people still getting Brazilians these days?
Ninety-nine per cent of our clientele opt for a complete Brazilian wax (all hair removed) and their reasoning is generally for cleanliness/hygiene reasons. A small percentage of women chose to keep a landing strip. We do not offer brazilian waxing for girls under the age of 18 for moral reasons unless they have parental consent and girls of this age usually only want an extended bikini wax.

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